Dj Bone – A Larger Orbit [SUB038]

Cover art - DJ Bone: A Larger Orbit

Label boss DJ Bone mans the controls for the 38th release on Subject Detroit, laying down a typically fierce, three pronged auditory attack. “What He Said” tactfully yet forcefully treads the line between house and techno, cherry picking physiognomies from each side of that ever-blurring line and constructing something fresh but bristling with familiar Subject Detroit elegances. A favourite fixture from Bone’s more recent DJ sets, “I Do” sees bubbling, arpeggiated chords simmer and swoop from foreground to background loosely as one solitary, remanipulated ticking hat keeps things in formation. Watch out for the thunderous, doubled-up drum arrangement that crashes in to the picture out of nowhere! B Side track “Rhythm Soul Funk” is a genuine hard hitter and another that tiptoes between the old school and the nouveau.


Dj Bone – A Larger Orbit [SUB038]

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