Hipodrome playlist for 716 Music

Last month I had the pleasure to host Guillaume from 716 Music and he asked me to compile a playlist for his blog. I liked the idea and I took the advantage to promote some Romanian producers.
So here it is 100% Romanian music.
Das Komitee – Synthesizer People [unreleased – 2005]
An enigmatic figure, a guy with great talent, love for quality music, vinyl and alcohol. Even though he is playing rarely, Das Komitee is a great DJ and a great vinyl collector. In the past he used also to produce. This is an unreleased track from 2005, I think.

Mihai Popoviciu – Lady Moon [Gigolo Records – 2005] buy

Mihai Popoviciu needs no more introduction. He started on Gigolo Records almost a decade ago and has become one of the leading figures of the tech-house scene and one of the best rated Romanian Djs. This cosmic disco odyssey is one of my favorite tracks he’s produced.

Petre Inspirescu  – Sakadat [Vinyl Club – 2007] buy
Pedro aka Petre Inspirescu is one of the most talented Romanian producers. Under his aliases Petre Inspirescu or TT Ensemble, he has a narrative style of producing, telling a story like a writer is doing in his plays. Sakadat is a track from the beginning of his career and is more dancefloor oriented.

Aeromaschine – Not So [Baalsasl Music – 2011] buy
Aeromaschine used to be Alin Crihan’s pseudonym, but for more than a year now he stopped releasing any new material. Alin is a young producer and DJ living in Bucharest and rumors say he is preparing some new stuff coming out under the alias Crihan and maybe a shift in music style.

Fantomas – PCR 300 [MinimalRome – 2011] buy
As the name says it, Fantomas/Transilmania is a very enigmatic character. He is always promising more interesting stuff, so we always await for this to come.

Rodion G.A. – Citadela [Strut Records – 2013] buy
From the series lost and rediscovered we have Rodion. In the late ’70s, early ’80s he founded the New Wave band Rodion G.A. After a successful time back then,  he disappeared for about 30 years and surfaced again a couple of years back. Last year he had an album released on Strut Records and gigs around Romania, Moscow and Berlin, with his new band.

Vlad Caia – Acid Land [Gilesku Records – 2012] buy
Vlad Caia is one of the many young Romanian DJs/producers who live abroad. Vlad lives far away in the freezing Norway and he is mostly known for producing minimal house with the project SIT, in collaboration with Cristi Cons, but this acid infused track is my favorite.

Jay Bliss – Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus [Autoreply – 2013] buy
Iulian Cazan aka Jay Bliss is one of the persons and djs that had a great influence on my evolution in the electronic music, opening my mind to new musical horizons when moving to Sibiu 8 years ago. Since then, Iuli has moved from being one of Romania’s youngest dj talents to one of the most respected Romanian producers and DJs.

Cosmin TRG – Aurora [Running Back – 2013] buy
Cosmin used to live in London, now he is living in Berlin, but still he is 100% Romanian. The places where he lived at some point had also a big impact on his music. His style changed and morphed constantly improving in the last years, thus becoming one of my favorite Romanian techno producers.

Romansoff – Bbbotle [Raw Tools – 2013] buy
In the last 2-3 years I observed a change in Bucharest’s music scene and I think this is also the reason why some new producers and new quality music has surfaced. It’s also the case with Romansoff and his new vinyl only label Raw Tools.
Hipodrome playlist for 716 Music

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