Erol Alkan – Illumination Remixes Pt.1 [PH032RMX1]

If you’ve been amongst the sweaty throngs worshipping at the altar of Alkan of a Friday or Saturday night over the past few months, you will no doubt have heard Erol laying down the oddball house stylings of “Balls Of Steel” by Beau Wanzer. So it’s little surprise to see the Nation and LIES artist one of the names called on to rework tracks from Alkan’s overdue debut EP Illumination. It’s even less of a surprise that Wanzer’s ‘adjustment’ of “Bang!” stands out, removing all the sharp edges and turning it into an effective techno bludgeoning tool that will shake sweaty basements apart. Don’t sleep on the A Side either however, as U’s version of “Check Out Your Mind” is even more twisted than the chopped up original.


Erol Alkan – Illumination Remixes Pt.1 [PH032RMX1]

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