John Heckle – Laid Away EP [SCN004]

Scenery Records serves up a full EP from Liverpool’s much loved house and techno inventor, John Heckle. Remixes come from Dekmantel duo Ksoul & Muteoscillator and MOS alumnus Perseus Traxx. Up first is the oh so lively ‘Laid Away’ which has myriad synth lines all squiggling about above jacking, rough edges house beats. Some of them squeal, some of them are smooth and serene and overall the result is a multi-layered track that fires every synapse in your body. The Perseus Traxx remix of the same track ups the acid ante, smoothes out some of the edges but retains that classic Chicago feel that defines much of his work, whilst Ksoul & Muteoscillator strip everything back to buried deep drums, gentle clattering percussion and a seriously ponderous synth line. It’s moody and desolate yet hugely inviting. ‘DDT’ is a much deeper and murkier affair. Everything comes coated in layers of dirt and dust, be it the sporadic cowbell ping, the scraping percussive smears or the frenzied synth lines. Frankly, the hi hats are so sharp edged you feel they might cut you and the blasts of white noise add yet more layers of intrigue.


John Heckle – Laid Away EP [SCN004]

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