Head Front Panel – HFP #003 [HFP003]

Those looking for concrete information about the music they’re listening to should probably steer clear of Tabernacle Records’ offshoot Head Front Panel. They’ve yet to announce the identity of any of the producers behind the series blend of slowed-down futurism, discordant electronics and feverish techno. This third installment in the series is similarly mysterious in origin, and once again features a range of intriguing cuts. Opener “Track 1” sounds like an explosion in a “Speak & Spell” factory – a veritable whirlwind of discordant beeps and throbbing techno rhythms – while “Track 2” offers a smoother and more hypnotic variation on a similar theme. Best of all, though, is the jaunty, late night bounce of slow techno excursion “Track 3”.


Head Front Panel – HFP #003 [HFP003]

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