Matrixxman – XLR8R Podcast 345

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01 Sarr Band “Mephisto” (Bellaphon)
02 Liquid Liquid “Optimo” (99)
03 The Trammps “Whatever Happened to the Music (Paul Simpson Dub)” (Philly 4. Sound Works)
04 Pop Cycles “Popcorn” (Neige)
05 Throbbing Gristle “Hot on the Heels of Love” (Industrial)
06 Gregory Kitt “Beat Street” (Muzique)
07 Endangered Species “Endangered Species” (Strictly Rhythm)
08 Metro Area “Rhythm Reel #6” (Environ)
09 Joey Anderson “My Cassettes” (Sound Theories)
10 Steve Summers “Analogous Desires” (Construction Paper)
11 Trackhead Steve “Gone Madd” (Relief)
12 Louis Bell “401 at 2 AM” (Djax-Up-Beats)
13 Matrixxman & Jon Convex “Encrypt”
14 Robert Hood “Untitled 1 (Moveable Parts Chapter 1) (Mark Broom Edit)” (M-Plant)
15 Matrixxman “Venetian Mask (The Hieroglyphic Being Experience)” (Spectral Sound)
16 Eduardo De La Calle “Skeletalism” (Semantica)
17 Art Crime “Release” (W.T.)
18 Matrixxman “Carl Jung”
19 DJ Qu feat. Peven Everett & Josh Milan “The Way” (Strength)
20 Vin Sol “Pyramids” (Soo Wavey)
21 Kassem Mosse “Untitled B3” (Workshop)

Matrixxman – XLR8R Podcast 345

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