The Noisemaker – Travelers EP [RWXS004]

The fourth EP from Raw Waxes includes two tracks from The Noisemaker.. Both original tracks have got a delightful groovy soul, amplified by a dark arpeggio, which drives strong energy in stomach and legs of the listeners. The sounds he chose are captivating, dynamic, and push feelings to an high vitality. The deepness of the original tracks is perfectly interpreted by the remixers, who kept his mood and added a personal touch to it. On the A side, Mike Parker keeps a sinister atmosphere and beautifies it with noisy and raw sounds, which coherently distinguish his productions from many others. On the B side, Haiku develops mostly the dance floor mood of the original track with an upbeat based production going through mind trip breaks and industrial pads, giving to the entire release a summer breathe.

juno / rebirth

The Noisemaker – Travelers EP [RWXS004]

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