Rude 66 @ Knekelhuis, Canvas (Amsterdam) 25.07.2014


Freak Electrique- Mr. Psycho(intro) (TS Series)
Nachtliche- Full Moon (7”Cytown)
Za Za- Zauberstab (Blow Up)
Kraftwerk- Tour de France (EMI)
John Foxx- Swimmer 2 (Metal Beat)
Electric theatre- Ballet dancer (Mercury)
The Shamen- S.D.D ’89 (Moksha)
Acid Angels – Speed Speed Extacy (Product Inc)
Cute Heels- Technique A-cross (Gooiland)
PWOG- Exit 23 Drum club remix (KK)
Profilgate- Can’t stop Shaking (Gooiland)
THD- Steel Mill (Sabrettes)
PWOG- The Challenge (KK)
Random XS- Give your body (Djax)
Coil- Answers come in dreams 1 (Torso)
Front Line Assembly- Virus (Third mind)
Noise Unit- Deceit (Antler-Subway)
Clan of Xymox- Stranger (4AD)
Rude 66- Out in style (Bunker)
Severed Heads- Dead eyes opened (Nettwerk)
Future State- Future State (Eyes)
Mr. White- The Sun can’t compare (Alleviated)
Kerri Chandler- Digital love affair (Large)
Dope dog- Keep House unda’ground (Touche)
Lex Loofah- Freaky Deaky (Warp)
Joey Beltram- Energy Flash (R&S)
DJ Rush- Target Kill (Djax)
This Morn’Omina- The Immaculate sphere (Gooiland)
Iron Curtain- Terror story (7”Pylon)

Rude 66 @ Knekelhuis, Canvas (Amsterdam) 25.07.2014

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