Hipodrome 5 Years Anniversary 2014


The Hipodrome Of Music is celebrating half of a decade since it’s beginning. It’s a special moment that should be treated as such. It’s time for quality uncompromising music and friends gathering.

Thus, we plan two special events, one in Sibiu our playground and headquarter and one in Bucharest. The special quests are Intergalactic Gary and Mick Wills. If you are a follower of this blog, you know them both, so no need for more introductions.

● Friday, October 17th at Bohemian Flow in Sibiu we have Intergalactic Gary, Mick Wills, Das Komitee & Toygun.

facebook event

● The next day, Saturday, October 18th at one of Bucharest’s finest clubs, Control Club, we have Intergalactic Gary, Mick Wills and Luger in Sala Berlin, while in the small room we have Das Komitee, Toygun and our beloved Alexandru Jijian.

facebook event

“Dance like nobody is watching!”

Hipodrome 5 Years Anniversary 2014

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