BNJMN – Coil [DSR/E005]

BNJMN steps up to make his debut on Delsin with six tracks of experimental and inventive noise and techno. ‘Coil’ opens his account with screechy, unnerving synths squeals, imposing and throbbing pads and super deep kick drums that come at you from miles below. It’s a hugely textured and spine tingling affair before the ambiance of ‘Berth’ comes rippled with glassy and alien little melodies. ‘Merge’ has turbo charged drums hiding beneath more unsettled synth based noise that sound sernee at the same time as being paranoid. On the flip, ‘And Suddenly’ makes your hairs stand on end with is gothic celestial glow and slithering synth patterns, ‘Blown’ is a damaged and degraded bit of icy, thumping and reverb heavy techno and ‘Azure’ ends on a brain soothing, chilled out ambient high. These are the sort of truly unique and magically textured tracks you would expect from a producer like BNJMN, and mark a fine debut on Delsin.


BNJMN – Coil [DSR/E005]

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