Hipodrome Podcast 017 – Intergalactic Gary


This is the live recording of Intergalactic Gary playing at the Hipodrome 5 Years Anniversary party, in the main room at Club Control, Bucharest, last month. It was a crazy night in one of Bucharest’s most effervescent clubs. You can hear this also on the recording, 2-3 glitches when people were literally jumping and pushing the DJ table and skipping the record or touching the recorder 🙂

Luger opened the night and warmed the atmosphere, until John took control and fired up the place as you can hear on the recording.  The night has quickly shifted into the a late morning by Mick Wills’ dark and deep session, filling the air with his obscure edits.

It was a great party, with 2 uncompromising DJs in a comfortable club with an unleashed crowd.
Thanks Club Control for having us and special thanks to Alexandru Jijian for organizing everything. We had a really wonderful time.


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Hipodrome Podcast 017 – Intergalactic Gary

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