Head Front Panel – HFP #8 [HFP008]

Should you desire techno that sounds like it’s sampled an ongoing laser battle in some sci-fi B movie, head straight for the opening track on this eighth edition of the Head Front Panel series from Tabernacle. The track is overflowing with laser like samples, expertly EQed into some form of forward momentum over tumbling kicks and malfunctioning modular synthetics. Following this, “Track 2” will appeal to anyone that is an advocate of the recent Population One material whilst the full on thrust of the third track may sound familiar to those that lock into the Hessle Rinse show. To close matters there is a touch of the Sun God about the final track, though the execution is done with a dash more clarity than you get from Jamal Moss.


Head Front Panel – HFP #8 [HFP008]

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