Dystopian Artists – Soliloquy [DYSTOPIAN010]

Dystopian unveil their most comprehensive release yet, a 2×12″ featuring music from label regulars and newcomers Gotzkowsky, Ron Albrecht and Vril. Recondite opens the compilation with a straight-laced but dirty techno production. Don Williams throws down some pumping four-four beats, while Gotzkowsky and Alex.Do venture down a gurgling bleep hole of techno. Distant Echoes was responsible for the label’s release before this, and here the shady producer delivers more gloomy, industrial deepness. Vril lightens things up with his famous chords, although a little disorientating this time, while man of the moment Rodhad goes big with a synth line you’ll never forget. Ron Albrecht then completes the EP with a slab of Fachwerk-like techno, swapping funk for hard-nosed beats.


Dystopian Artists – Soliloquy [DYSTOPIAN010]

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