Magic Mountain High – MMH Live @ Fuse [MHLIVE001]

The improvised electronics of Dave Moufang’s long running Magic Mountain High project with Juju & Jordash is no stranger to the vinyl format, first appearing on a Workshop 12″ back in 2012 and gracing that label as well as Jordan ‘Jordash’ Czamanski’s Off Minor with further material. However, as anyone that’s witnessed Magic Mountain High in the flesh will attest, the trio are best experienced live, but for logistical reasons that might not always be possible. This 12″ which consists of a recording of Magic Mountain High straight from the mixing desk at Brussels venue Fuse last year will satisfy the cravings of anyone whose yet to see them perform, with three next level deep house workouts to lose yourself in again and again.


Magic Mountain High – MMH Live @ Fuse [MHLIVE001]

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