D’Marc Cantu – Little White Earbuds Mix



01. D’Marc Cantu, “Pages” [Nation*]
02. Alis, “Azimuth” (DMC Alternate Mix) [Don’t Be Afraid]
03. D’Marc Cantu, “Size and Shape” [Crème Organization]
04. D’Marc Cantu, “Decay” [Drone]
05. D’Marc Cantu, “The Key” [Sequencias]
06. Gstring, “Phase” (D’Marc Cantu Ghoul Remix) [Echovolt Records]
07. JTC, “Don’t Even Try It (The Beat)” [Spectral Sound]
08. D’Marc Cantu, “Try Me” [M>O>S Recordings]
09. 2AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Recordings]
10. Brickwall Giant, “Rapid Expansion” [*]
11. Dona, “8th Point” (D’Marc Cantu Remix) [Points]
12. D’Marc Cantu, “Heater Ansatz” [*]
13. JTC, Psychedelic Mindtrip” [Crème Organization]
14. TNT, “New Love” [Marguerita Recordings]
15. 2AM/FM, “Motherfuckers Don’t Know” [Spectral Sound]
16. D’Marc Cantu, “Zip Drive No Data Saved” [Nation]
17. JTC, “Two Keys” [Spectral Sound]
18. Richard Fearless, “Gamma Ray” [Drone]
19. The Dirty Criminals, “Raiden” [Gigolo Records]
20. Da Goblinn, “Crazzy Outside” (D’Marc Cantu Four Voices Mix) [*]
21. 2AM/FM, “Release Yourself” [*]
22. D’Marc Cantu, “Car Type” [Run Out Run*]
23. Samaan, “Omissions” (D’Marc Cantu Remix) [One Electronica]
24. DVS1, “Confused” [Klockworks]
25. JTC, “Earth” [Killekill]
26. Secret Studio ft. D’Marc Cantu, “Home Bass” [Secret Studio Records]
27. Ricardo Tobar, “If I Love You” (D’Marc Cantu Remix) [Desire Records]
28. Aroy Dee, “Until the Music Dies” (D’Marc Cantu Remix) [M>O>S Recordings]
29. D’Marc Cantu, “2271” [One Electronica]
* denotes tracks which, at the time of publishing, are unreleased

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D’Marc Cantu – Little White Earbuds Mix

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