Mohlao – Neurowaves [DSC007]

Dutch producer Mohlao is next up on Shipwrec offshoot Deep Sound Channel with a four track EP that showcases his specialist dub techno style. This four track EP kicks off with ‘Cladistic Mutation’, a sparse underwater soundtrack with only the gentlest suggestion of rhythm, lots of reverb and tiny little details that float by like micro-bacterial debris. ‘M2’ is a more beat driven dub track but is still way below the surface: the kicks are smooth and hunched over, the chords are smeared out in all directions and the atmosphere is lo-fi and grainy. On the flip, ‘Grain’ gets even more energetic, with firm techno kick drums setting a stern tempo as all sorts of aqueous details and spacious effects pepper the groove. ‘Neurowaves’ closes things down in blissfully dubbed out and horizontal fashion, with large sweeping pads, tweaked filters and evocative little details all placing you firmly under water.


Mohlao – Neurowaves [DSC007]

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