A Thunder Orchestra – Shall I Do It? [RHYTHMZDOT]

Re-issue of A Thunder Orchestra’s ‘Shall I Do It?’, a haunting yet beautiful slice of hypnotic proto techno from the vaults of the rich eighties Belgian new beat / synth wave / EBM noir scene, originally recorded in 1985 and released on a handful of cassette tapes only. Re-discovered by Walhalla records and included on their ‘Underground Wave Volume 4’ compilation in 2014, and now re-mastered and available on 12” format for the first time ever. Next to the original version we have two different reconstructed versions, one that starts with the intro just like the original and a special beat version for even more convenient dj use. Things started to move when label boss Paul du Lac heard this gem being played by Germany’s finest, Mick Wills, in one of his trademark epic dj-sets, and fell in love at the spot, with the pounding drums and the eerie kid’s voice haunting him for days. How beautiful darkness can be! It turned out Mick didn’t play the original, but, like so often, his own re-edited version: slightly pitched, extended and re-constructed in an utterly brilliant way, making this an ultimate dj-weapon for the darkest hours of the night. Eventually, intrueged as the label was with the song and being a big fan of mr. Will’s dj-ing and editing craftsmanship, one thing led to the other and Bio Rhythm is now proud to officially present A Thunder Orchestra’s ‘Shall I Do It?’ in the full glory it deserves.


A Thunder Orchestra – Shall I Do It? [RHYTHMZDOT]

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