VA – Lunes De Fiel Vol. 2 [BM003]

Bitter Moon has criss-crossed Europe to gather a trio of heavy House hitters for Lunes De Fiel Vol. 2. Creme Organization prodigy Innershades gets the show on the road with the synth slamming groove of “Moments of Euphoria”. New Beat memories bounce alongside rumbling rhythms in track guaranteed to ignite speakers. Next stop is Germany with Snuff Crew and “Your Hands”. The Jack experts fillet their trademark raw edges for a smooth and soulful piece of late night Chitown. Smoke curls around chords, claps are softened as samples turn in a twilight haze. The final destination, Italy, is bathed in the 303 sunshine of “#Acid”. The White Rabbit Recordings founder uses the building blocks of Chicago to produce a fluid floor filler. Cymbals, cow-bells, toms and snares are soaked in a devilish brew of Acid. Bohemian body jerk to a 4/4 beat to bring down the curtain on this latest instalment of Lunes De Fiel.


VA – Lunes De Fiel Vol. 2 [BM003]

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