Katia – Io Senza Di Te [KATIA001]

KATIA - Io Senza Di Te

First introduced to the modern italo-disco universe by Flemming Dalum in 2011, the rare-beyond-rare original 7″ by Katia remains a holy grail for all but the most obsessive and/or bankrolled collectors. Mothball Record present this official and absolutely faithful repress, with painstakingly restored audio and sleeve by Hysteric and his crack team of italo specialists. The song itself was the final interpretation of “Mistery Woman”, a theme returned to several times by the authors Lupo and De Peppo. However this one is really set apart by the unique and unforgettable vocal performance by Katia, aged just 17 at the time of this record. As well as the original Vocal and Instrumental versions, a new extended edit has been made by Hysteric for contemporary DJs wishing to keep the flame burning a little longer.


Katia – Io Senza Di Te [KATIA001]

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