L/F/D/M – Psychopaths Eating Jelly [CGI010]

Laid down with authority by L/F/D/M are four no nonsense cuts blasting fresh air into that perennially en vogue phenomenon known as acid house. Opener ”Spare Ribs, No Napkin” is meaty and greasy with abandon, as rude and distorted as it is irresistibly syncopated. ”Cutting Fingers” contrasts with a slow burn with a deep kick anchoring shifting rhythms and unsettlingly hypnotic riffs. Flip this treasure over and get pummeled by the rolling stomp of ”Heavy Clouds with its massive 808s and just-off-the-nose acid cycles. Closing things out is the bright paranoid jack of ippos In Slumber” with its muted chords adding freaky color to steady and heady 707/303 workout that charms and overpowers with an electric stink that lingers long after the needle has reached the lead-out groove.


L/F/D/M – Psychopaths Eating Jelly [CGI010]

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