Helena Hauff – Discreet Desires [WDNT014]

Golden Pudel’s DJ-turned-producer, Helena Hauff, returns to Actress’s Werkdiscs with her debut LP. Compared to her last effort for the label and her banger of an EP on Lux, Discreet Desires spans across much vaster landscapes, and while we knew that she was heavily into Detroit electro, the album is heavily focused on fast, broken beats brimming with synths. “Spur” and “Funereal Morality”, for example, are a pair of Drexcyian bombshells, while “Piece Of Pleasure” clearly takes inspiration from Kraftwerk and the resulting synth pop wave. Instead, “Silver Sands & Boxes Of Mould” showcases her more experimental side thanks to its cinematic soundscapes and sparse beats, along with the beatless sway of “Dreams In Color”. A fine debut LP that cements Hauff’s position at the vanguard of current electronics.


Helena Hauff – Discreet Desires [WDNT014]

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