Helena Hauff – XLR8R Podcast 404


01 Unit Black Flight “One Hour Before Dawn” (Giallo Disco)
02 Xymox “A Day” (Sneaker Dunkeltier Remix) (Macadam Mambo)
03 Powell “Club Music” (Ancient Methods’ Körpersäure ’91 Remix) (Diagonal)
04 Broken English Club “Ritual Killing” (Cititrax)
05 Drvg Cvltvre “Crack Spirit Guide” (Pinkman)
06 Philipp Gorbachev ‎”In The Delta” (Cómeme)
07 June “S.A.D.H” (June)
08 Gladio “Gladius Gladius” (Mighty Robot Recordings)
09 Broken Arrows ‎”So Few Truths” (Giallo Disco)
10 The Present Moment “Times Like This” (Something Cold)
11 Amnesia “Boys From London”  (BCM Records)
12 Pankow “Wet” (Contempo Records)
13 Morah “Up In Flames” (Return To Disorder)
14 Lassigue Bendthaus “Lanternslide” (Metropolis Records)


Helena Hauff – XLR8R Podcast 404

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