Mihai Popoviciu – The Swindle [PFR169]

A decade on from his debut release, one of Romania’s finest cultural exports returns to his favourite stomping ground with a trans- mission that showcases variety, technical skill and an intimate understanding of the dynamics of the floor. The stripped-down, moody menace of ‘The Swindle’ kicks things off, dancing semi- quavers panning left and right, a mysterious male voice incanting. A bass synth motif carries the tune to a climax before its buoyant, trancey conclusion. At all times, elements unfold organically, carrying the listener away. ‘Rotate’ casts a busier, jacking vibe, its analogue synth cycles pinging against each other. Glimmering layers of sound create an endlessly immersive, deadly deep groove. ‘Feed Me’ is slower, slinkier and rougher in equal measure. The sustained synths create a gliding sensation, the male vocal first mellifluous and sung then husky and spoken. ‘Chance’ is a shuffling, fizzing deep house groove, precision-tooled for the dance- floor. “Let it take control” urges a male voice. Sound advice for this deliciously hypnotic groove.


Mihai Popoviciu – The Swindle [PFR169]

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