Not Waving – FACT mix 536



Paper Eyes – ‘The Clicker’
Crash Course In Science – ‘Cardboard Lamb’

Gavin Russom – ‘Trashing Truth’
Not Waving – ‘I Know I Know I Know’
Armando – ‘Pleasure Dome’

Elizabethan Collar – ’07’
The Tapes – ‘Time Out Of Joint’
Schläfengarten – ‘Spring Cleaning’
P1/E – ’49 Second Romance’ (Powell Remix)
Zombies Under Stress – ‘Fanaticism & Hysteria’
Montauk Boys – ‘Unified Phase Transition’
Psychic Tv & Jack The Tab – ‘Thee Politics Ov Ecstasy’
Camberwell Now – ‘Speculative Fiction’ (NW Edit Ruffmix06)
Doris Norton – ‘Jx-3p Software’
Eric Copeland – ‘Stud Music’
Blacktail – ‘Now Muzik’
Primitive World – ‘Helican Rising’
Mumdance – ‘Path Of The Seer’
Ciccone Youth – ‘Into The Groovey’
Grouper – ‘Made Of Air’
The Microphones – ‘I. The Sun’
Frank Bretschneider – ‘Erika’
F:A.R. – ‘Lucciole Preservate’
Miss Nicky Trax – ‘Acid In The House’

Lxss – Introduction ‘Sych’
Fad Gadget – ‘Coitus Interruptus’ (NW Edit)

J Dilla – ‘Donuts’
Not Waving – ‘Punch’
The Faxx – ‘Corruption’
Glenn Branca – ‘Acoustic Phenomena’
Za Za – ‘Zauberstab’

Martin Rev – ‘Clouds Of Glory’
Front Assembly Line – ‘Teardown’

Nw – ‘Acidman’

Wire – ‘Jumping Mint’
L/F/D/M – ‘Rum And Black’
Jamal Moss – ‘Track 1’
Alien Sex Fiend – ‘Blackward Beaver

Fugazi – ‘No Surprise’
Judy Nylon – ‘Jailhouse Rock’

Not Waving – FACT mix 536

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