Chris Carrier – Sound Carrier #6 [SC006Y]

CARRIER, Chris - Sound Carrier #6

Chris Carrier delivers a box of steaming fresh hot techno jams with the latest release from his trusty Adult Only sub-label, Sound Carrier. The sounds here are a little more entrenched in the techno sound ethic. ‘Cosmic Road’ is the first of four that take us on a journey out into space, the final frontier… As the name suggests, we’re propelled up into the stars, encouraged to let go of our Earth-bound outlook and travel far away beyond Saturn’s rings. Smooth pads form a cosmic choir with bright flecks of synth, dancing around a jaunty bassline. Amazing. ‘Space Nation’ then strips things back, coming through with that minimal vibe. The rhythm is steppy, chugging along with mysterious intent. On the other side we take ‘Refuge On Earth’ with a 303-led trip back to our home planet. Here we are comforted by the familiar sound of that Roland machine, while the percussion slaps and claps away like the firecracker sound of a machine gun. Last up, ‘Holidays On Mars’ drifts in with an bright, optimistic feeling permeating throughout.


Chris Carrier – Sound Carrier #6 [SC006Y]

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