Mister Ho & Heap – Collision Resistance B/W Veils Of The Beloved [ESP044]

Mister Ho and Heap are ambassadors of the river Danube. This is their first offering for the ESP Institute. On side A, Collision Resistance throws us into the bowels of an underground sex lair with an adrenaline-laden heartbeat for a kick drum, a rough dose of fisting illustrated by the combination of bassline with low-tom and an unrelenting snare that whips us raw into submission. Somewhere in between the waves of punishment we can start to audibly pick up tortured moans of endurance and pleasure, but maybe its time we pull our minds from the gutter, wipe the sweat from our brow and flip the record for a reward. With side B’s Veils Of The Beloved, Mister Ho & Heap deliver us via speedboat to the white isle, coasting along to bouncy staccato bass notes and machine bleeps as a euphoric chord progression puts us in an 808 state of mind. The percussion arrangement and phasing string flourishes are introduced through a filter, opening slowly as if coming up for air from a beautiful blue abyss.


Mister Ho & Heap – Collision Resistance B/W Veils Of The Beloved [ESP044]

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