Ebony vs ‘R’ – Real Truth [J104]

Jericho One, the Creme Organization off shoot, is back with a new EP from Ebony vs ‘R’ entitled Real Truth. It features three cuts in all, one by Ebony and two by ‘R’, and all them are intoxicating techno affairs. Continuing in the label’s tradition of making modern sounds that draw on breaks and bass. Ebony goes first with Real Truth and offers a track that is both punchy and powerful thanks to its raw and thumping drums, but spiritual and serve thanks to the pained and soul infused vocal wails up top. Glistening glass pads and over sized hi hats add to the intensity of this classy rave banger. ‘R’ then serves up Focus, eight minutes of freaky and hypnotic techno with creepy voices moving about the space as distorted kicks and droning reverb brings a physical feel. It’s intense and dark and then comes Colossus, a breakbeat driven track with heavenly pads making for a grand and atmospheric headspace. Cosmic signifiers and far off pads add to the serenity of it all and will leave you with both a heavy heart and a stomping foot.


Ebony vs ‘R’ – Real Truth [J104]

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