Steven Tang – Infintesimal [EMP017]

TANG, Steven - Infinitesimal

Surprisingly, this is Steven Tang’s first 12″ in some two years (under his own name), and marks his first appearance on Emphasis Recordings (an imprint he founded way back in 1998) since 2011. Happily, it was worth the wait, because Infintesimal is amongst the Chicagoan’s best worth to date. Heavily influenced by vintage Detroit techno, its’ four tracks take in rolling creepiness (“Approaching Theory”), shimmering blends of Larry Heard style deep house and Motor City futurism (“Escaping Thoughts”), deep and spacey dancefloor bliss (“Verged (Obsolete Mix)”), and retro-futurist techno sweatiness (the undulating chords and hissing cymbals of title track “Infintesimal”). In other words, it’s a fine EP packed full of floor-friendly gems.


Steven Tang – Infintesimal [EMP017]

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