DJ Stingray – XLR8R Podcast 450 [10 Years]


01. Drexciya “Running Out of Space” [Tresor]
02. Marcelus “Red Dance” [Tresor]
03. Albert van Abbe “Rytumtraks 0002” (Rudolf Klorzeiger Remix) [No Comment]
04. Anthony Rother “Simulationszeitalter” [Psi49net]
05. 214 “Greenbelt” [Central Processing Unit]
06. Richard Hinge “Changes” [New York Trax]
07. Zwischenwelt “Telemektik” [Unknown]
08. Umwelt “Future Darkness (2014 Vision)” [New Flesh Records]
09. Syncom Data “Musik Politik” [Cunker Records]
10. Der Zyklus “Iris/Retinal Scanning” [Clone Aqualung Series]
11. Creepy Autograph “Night Stalker” [Valentine Connexion Records]
12. The Other People Place “Let Me Be” [Warp]
13. DJ Glow “Wise to the System” [TRUST]
14. Japanese Telecom “Character Maps” (Perspects Remix) [Intuit-Solar]
15. Soundex Phonetic “Ascent & Descent” [Militant Science]
16. Silent Servant “Dissociation” [LIES]
17. Paul Blackford “Robotix” [Central Processing Unit]
18. Surgeon “Zilla” [SRX]
19. S:VT “Urgency Grip” [Myth Music]
20. Female “Looking Through The Eyes of Love” [Downwards]
21. Franck Sarrio “Secret Desire” [FSS]
22. Alien FM “Large Mechanics” [Puzzle Box]
23. Pretty Tony “Fix It In The Mix” [Music Specialists]
24. Vintage Furniture “The Toxin” [Underground Resistance]



DJ Stingray – XLR8R Podcast 450 [10 Years]

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