Kid Machine – Space Elite [RL020]

Red Laser presents a unique double gatefold LP from Red Laser original Kid Machine. He delivers a 5 star upgrade to the signature sound that people worldwide have fallen in love with. 808 kicks and DX 7 licks bubble under the atmospheric chord changes creating a soundtrack which is just as comfortable on the dance floor as it is on a midnight drive. Alien Dance darts around to irregular delight. The dramatic score of Asteroids builds until it soars high above the grid. The bassline on Beast drills a blackened dance floor in preparation to be replaced with 80’s discotheque neon squares. Beyond Cygnus takes flight and drifts across a Martian plane. The 808 kicks and orchestral synth stabs of Conquest crush all known reality into a space the size of a photon and the weight of its gravity is unbeatable. Standing out amongst the pack is the apply titled ‘Forever Machine’. A proper Manctalo synth anthem guaranteed to deliver speaker destruction.The LP closes with classic Machine style bangers ‘Flight Manoeuvres’ and ‘Seconds From Oblivion’. They bring this galactic odyssey to a confident end. This is a cracking journey through the outer rim and back.


Kid Machine – Space Elite [RL020]

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