Frank & Tony – Harmonium EP [SAT029]

Frank & Tony streak back onto the scene with one of their most refined efforts yet, ‘Harmonia’. The title cut is an open­air, sun­drenched euphoric affair. Airy pads and a buoyant bass carry the track effortlessly, and the simple, yet incredibly effective, drum patterning further lightens the tone giving everything the feeling of dancing in a cloud. Slowly, siren­like synths call out, entrancing the listener into eyes-closed revery. The EP closes on an even higher note as the duo take on John Beltran’s classic “Gutaris Breeze (6000km to Amsterdam)” from his 1996 album, ‘Ten Days of Blue’. The boys left the original mostly untouched, only bringing forth the track’s softer elements to the forefront and adding a monstrously driving kick next to a serpentine bassline, transforming the track into a peak­time powerhouse.


Frank & Tony – Harmonium EP [SAT029]

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