VA – Muscles From Outer Space EP [BOSS001]

”In a time of peace and prosperity on Phantom Planet, three unwanted heroes arrive home to seek justice where there is none to be sought. Shunned by modern society, Forsh gets a job at the electricity board, Red Defender snoozes through work at the local news and booze, and Bin Man finally finds his dream job… as a postman. With no evil to lay waste to, they put their dinner money together to create the world’s greatest record label, BOSS TRACKS. Using broken dustpans and Dance Ejay ’98, they create what will go down in history as the most seminal and brilliant piece of musical forgery known to Merseyside. 4 tracks packed full of pure dance floor steroids for your love-pump; this is interstellar muscle music at its finest, let it reach out grab you by the tenderloins! Thank you Phantom Planet Outlaws. Once again the world has been changed forever, for the better.”


VA – Muscles From Outer Space EP [BOSS001]

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