DaRand Land – Discover You [SAT030]

DaRand Land gets to spread out and show off his unique brand of euphoric and uplifting deep house on his debut EP for Scissor & Thread label, ‘Discover You’. The title track is classic DaRand Land, with bright piano chords, buzzing organs and a thick Chicago house bass line. Siren-like pads fade in and out from the periphery, as electrifying percussion elements come into play. Frank & Tony take a turn and apply their signature style onto the former track, adding a chunkier kick with bright as day claps and hi-hats to propel the track through the opalescent haze draped over the melodic elements. On the flip, “Marcela’s Sense” is a blissed out, head down late night affair. Cosmic pads swirl around glistening keys and repressed organ chords, as toms bounce among the steady hi-hat ride, lulling the listener into a state of euphoria. The EP closes out with the atmospheric, peak time Detroit house cut, “Souls Awash”. A serpentine bass line runs the show amidst swelling pads and in-your-face kicks and percussion. As with all of his productions, the track shines in the smaller details that float in and out of focus throughout, lending the track’s weightier elements an even greater sense of gravitas.


DaRand Land – Discover You [SAT030]

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