UR.BASM Festival @ Bucharest, November 29 – December 4, 2016



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Ladies and gentlemen,
Distinguished guests from all over the world,
And artists from all the urban areas of the country,

UR.BASM is a new music and urban happenings festival at which we are inviting you to take part between the 29th of November and 4th of December.

The first story is made of a series of musical events beaded along 5 nights, events that will unwind in different locations from Bucharest, and during day time you will find yourself in the middle of some surprises.


UR.BASM launches a platform of cultural-artistic activities which are held along the 6 days and nights in different locations. The activities are:
– Graffiti and street art
– Mural art
– Architecture and design workshops
– Fashion workshops
– Video-mapping
– Sculpture
– Digital art workshop
– Production and music management workshop
– Urban installation
– Photography exposition
– Conferences
– Contemporary dance
– Break-dance contest
– Electronic music and live music events


We got together a cool gang of artists for this edition:

Abelle / Acronym / Alex Danilov / Alienata / Andrei/ Andrey Zots
Aquarius Heaven / Barac / Ben Klock / Borusiade / Cap / Cassy
Chlorys / Cobblestone Jazz (live) / Daniel Maher / Dasha Redkina
Detroit Swindle / D. Rusu / Dub Pistols (live band)
Dutu / Floog (live) / Francesca Lombardo / Francesco Del Garda
Francesco Tristano (live) / Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium/ Fumiya Tanaka / Gaiser (live) Gemini Brothers / Guti (live) / Heartthorb (live) / Herodot / Inga Mauer / Ion Ludwig / John Digweed / Julian Perez / K!d Chriss / Kidnap Kid / Kosta /
Livio & Roby /Loco Dice / Luger / Mahony / Mark Broom /
Mathew Jonson (live) / Mihigh / Mirror States / Moodymann / Moonlight Breakfast / Negru / Nick Hoppner / Nusha / October / Orgue Electronique (live) Oscar and The Wolf / Paul Popa /
Petre Inspirescu / Phoung Dan / Piticu / Premiesku (live) / Priku / Profet / Ranishe Niyaak / Raresh / Rayo / Romansoff / Sasha / Seuil / SNTS (live) / Sonodab / TC80 / Todd Terry / ToFu Productions (Thomas Melchior + Fumiya Tanaka) / Vlada / Waldeck / Wareika (live) / Xandru / Zendid / ПEГE


– The Early Bird tickets are sold out. You can still buy tickets for each individual event.

– You can buy the tickets from http://tickets.urbasm.ro/


+ Tickets sold in advance are in a limited number. If you don’t manage to get one, you will be able to get one at the door.

+ The early bird tickets will allow you to enter ALL the events that are taking place during night time.

+ The tickets come in electronic format and they will be delivered via e-mail right after their purchase. Please bring your ticket printed/downloaded on your phone.


The night time events will take place:

– ROMEXPO (the main location of the festival)

Evenimentele din timpul zilei vor avea loc la:

– Cinetic Center
– DESCHIS Gastrobar (former Atelier de Productie)
– DjSuperStore
– Atelier Pinion
– Corner Shop
– CZVL 12 ( Open Minds )


Info: www.urbasm.ro
Tickets: http://tickets.urbasm.ro/
Press: press@urbasm.ro
Contact: contact@urbasm.ro

:: A fun venture by SUNRISE & Kristal Club ::


Our personal picks:

DAY 1 – WEDNESDAY, 30.11
KRAN: Alienata, Inga Mauer, Borusiade
Kristal: Ben Klock

DAY 2 – THURSDAY, 1.12
KRAN: Fred P, October, Luger
ROMEXPO: Moodymann

DAY 3 – FRIDAY, 2.12
QUESTHOUSE: Orgue Electronique (live), Phuong Dan, Alex Danilov
KRAN: Mark Broom, Romansoff, D.Rusu
ROMEXPO: Mathew Jonson (live)

DAY 4 – SATURDAY, 3.12
KRAN: Acronym, Nick Höppner, Profet

UR.BASM Festival @ Bucharest, November 29 – December 4, 2016

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