VA – But Darling It’s Hideous EP [CY006]

The sixth compilation of mutated machine music from Contort Yourself centres around British industrial pioneers Nocturnal Emissions. The group hack out two thick cuts of oil soaked savagery. Gears crunch and chains clatter as drum machines are minced and mangled for Demon Circuits Bloodbath before the reduced and removed bitterness of Even the Good Times are Bad. L.I.E.S. main man Ron Morelli under the guise of U-202 takes on the static of the ’83 original, lonesome rhythms fired into a gaping hollow of echo and decay. There is brief respite, very brief, coming in the haunted strings of Penelope’s Fiance. Torrent grinds this short break into dust with EXE 2 Blueprint, a sludge stomper drowned in distortion and dripping with distress. Innsyter (L.A. Club Resource), aka Seixlack, calls time with the hazy house bottle smasher; think fog machines and bodies in the dark and you’re getting close. Off-kilter madness all-round!


VA – But Darling It’s Hideous EP [CY006]

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