Marco Shuttle – XLR8R Podcast 472


01. Valerio Tricoli “Clonic Earth”
02. Marco Shuttle “Adrift”
03. Dimitris Petsetakis “In The Dark”
04. Synaulia “Isis”
05. Luis Perez “Xochiyaoyolah”
06. Tamia and Pierre Favre “Yemanja”
07. Pekka Airaksinen “Kandrasuryapradipa”
08. Nicola Ratti “W11”
09. Alsen Rau “Untitled”
10. Autechre “Pendulu Casual”
11. Bola “O Chuma”
12. The Durian Brothers “Track 3”
13. Anthony Child “Relational Constellations”
14. Suzanne Ciani “Live at WBAI Music Store” (excerpt)
15. Σ “Schleifen A1”
16. Tomita “Bolero” (composed by Ravel)

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Marco Shuttle – XLR8R Podcast 472

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