Mikron – Foresight EP [ZONE028]

The next release on Zone is from electro and techno duo Mikron with a great remix from The Exaltics. The brilliantly gurgling and steely ‘Ulterior’ kicks things off with sheet metal hits, slithering bass and buffed-up synth sounds that make you jerk your body. It’s direct stuff for the dancefloor, and so is ‘Vanguard’. Though less quick and in your face than the opening track, it still has the sort of crisp groove that has real impact. A distant cosmos of howling winds and thundering rumbles add weight to the whole thing and really finishes it in style. ‘Foresight’ is even more haunting and spooky. Chilly metal pads spiral in the background, lurching drums and hits bring the groove and the mood overall is truly unsettling. It’s devastating stuff that gets completed with Clone and Shipwrec artist The Exaltics’ take on Ulterior’. The German has fun layering in Drexcyia style, ripped-up synths and crisp hits. It’s macho and post apocalyptic and is as inviting as it is austere.


Mikron – Foresight EP [ZONE028]

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