Salomon Dunkan – Tacchi A Spillo [COSMOS004]

SALOMON DUNKAN - Tacchi A Spillo

The next COS_MOS release comes from Salomon Dunkan, a mysterious and unknown producer who serves up two tantalising tracks.’Android (Adamantium Mix)’ is a slow and percolating house track with a rugged acid line and sharp percussive knives cutting up the rubbery kick drums below. Swirling pads add a cosmic atmosphere and there whole hits slowly but surely builds to a raging and intense peak of bristling hits and gurgling synths. It’s controlled chaos and then ‘Tacchi A Spillo’ treads a more direct path. Again the high hats are bright and sharp, the mood is very sci-fi and the bass lines rumbled down low. Like a deep space odyssey this one travels far and wide and grows ever more physical and jacking as it goes on.


Salomon Dunkan – Tacchi A Spillo [COSMOS004]

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