Staffan Linzatti – The Dynamic Dispatch [FIELD025]

Staffan Linzatti is back with a well balanced spaced-out techno triple pack on the ever evolving Field Records. Ever since ‘The Event’ we knew that our reality was becoming more hostile towards our presence in it. The very fabric of it was changing, and we would either have to change with it, or change our reality. A program called ‘The Dispatch’ was created as a means to preserve human existence through an infinite number of simulated universes. A simulation in which each universe would serve as a world for future humans. A world indistinguishable from the ‘real thing’. As we write this, ‘The Dispatch’ – your future as humans – is being coded and compiled. During execution, our existence will end – and your new world will replace ours. Our story, our memories will live on in your reality. Our creation, embedded deep within the ‘The Dispatch’, will be a brave tale of perhaps our greatest achievement – if not our very last.


Staffan Linzatti – The Dynamic Dispatch [FIELD025]

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