E.R.P. – Evoked Potentials 1/3 [SEM014]

Any new project from Convextion man Gerard Hanson’s ERP project is worth celebrating, particularly when it is stretched over three 10-inch singles. Part one of the Evoked Potentials series offers two typically on-point chunks of intergalactic electro. He begins with “Sensory Progress”, where vintage computer bleeps, throbbing electrofunk bass, spacey chords and yearning melodies wrap themselves around a snappy TR-808 groove. Flipside “Lodestone” is a slightly more atmospheric affair, where cascading synthesizer melodies and grandiose, deep space chords cluster around a shuffling rhythm track. It sounds a little like Drexciya jamming with Brown Album-era Orbital, which is no bad thing in our book.


E.R.P. – Evoked Potentials 1/3 [SEM014]

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