John Heckle – Dream Machine pt I & II

A two-part mix as a follow up to the recent ambient & light meditation gigs at brilliant corners.


Part I:
Ambiant Otaku – Low Of Vibration
Iasos – Cloud Prayer
Reinehr – Lung
The Puritan – This Will Destroy You
Isorinne – Terrestrial Measure
Four Hands – Hizou (JH edit)
Barreca – Altered Belief System
Bender – Run Aground
K Leimer – Permissions 15
Four Hands – Mountain of Mammon (Zoviet France Version)
Paul Jebanasam – Search Another 3Hφ…
Joshua Sabin – Array
William Basinski – Dlp 1.2
K Leimer – An Idea And It’s Map

Part II:
Waveform Transmission – V2.2-2.3
Aphex Twin – Rhubarb
Gacha Bakradze – Mississippi
K Leimer – Permissions 16
Stars Of The Lid – Music For Twin Peaks Episode 30 Part I
Colliding Galaxies – Take A Moment To Breathe It’s A Long Way To The End Of The Universe
John Beltran – Tennis
Bing & Ruth – The Towns We Love Is Our Own
Marc Barreca – Resonant Refractions
John Heckle – Salient Pole Rotor
Michael Stearns – As The Earth Kissed The Moon
Stars Of The Lid – Another Ballad For Heavy Lids
K Leimer – Acquiescence
Vagon Brei – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

John Heckle – Dream Machine pt I & II

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