Gazette x Hipodrome: An-i aka Lee Douglas @ Gazette (Cluj-Napoca) 15.12.2017

Gazette x Hipodrome presents An-i aka Lee Douglas.

The former New Yorker Doug Lee, now based in Berlin, comes to Gazette with his project, An-i. This showcases Lee’s love affair with machines, creating a hard hitting sound beyond category, moving from techno to jack to industrial to noise.

It was first of all, on the New York disco scene where he gained notoriety as a DJ in the early 2000s. He started releasing several solo EPs showcasing a mutation between house and disco. Doug has also multiple collaboration projects: TBD (with Justin Van Der Volgen), The Stallions (with Lovefingers) and Bad News (with Ron Morelli the boss of L.I.E.S. Records).

But finally, it is 4 years ago on Cititrax, the label of Veronika Vasicka, that Doug made his mark with the new project An-i and his EPs Kino-I and Gutz. These last outings show a distinctly more trash and industrial sides of Doug’s music. 

Doug’s mixes break boundaries and genre affiliations, bringing powerful analog rhythmics. His music is techno, is twisted disco, is punk and everything else.

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Gazette x Hipodrome: An-i aka Lee Douglas @ Gazette (Cluj-Napoca) 15.12.2017

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