747 – Paleo [AQR010]

747’s Paleo is an essential acid collection of eight diverse tracks. Aquaregia’s first long playing release weaves through the different faces of acid on a time travelling trip through geological history. The journey begins with warm pads enveloping lush landscapes fringing the shallow. prehistoric seas where swarms of trilobites frenetically scurry. seeking to survive and evolve. Roiling subaquatic vulcanism rules the B side. a seeding ground for exotic crystals whose hexagonal points vie for space as the magma cools and the minerals speciate. We’re then taken further into the depths. where planispiral ammonoids swim in the pseudo-antigravity of the saline seas. And finally. closing out the excursion. we’re transported from ages past. through the fleeting present into the future. to a warming ocean with disrupted ecosystems and unpredictable currents. the effect of a morphing climate.


747 – Paleo [AQR010]

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