Too Smooth Christ – With You In Mind [SGR006]

The French producer Too Smooth Christ returns to Supergenius Records and widens his singular approach to introspective dance music to new musical horizons. ‘Infinite Fall DMZ’ is a slow house jam built around a hypnotic and endless FM pattern and a strong chorus bass, emphasized by a myriad of shiny bittersweet 101 sparks. ‘PHEQS125’, originally made for TSC current live act, triggered such keen reactions in clubs that we decided to cut it down. It’s an acidish banger, elaborated around a 303 pattern, a rave detuned bassline and a b-more breakbeat, tickled by synthetic voices. With its rainforest chords and melodies and its muffled breakbeat, the eponymous track ‘With You In mind’ is a love declaration between balearic house and old-school Jungle / IDM. ‘Etoile’ closes the EP with its UK bass vibe, a combination of tribal drum patterns and a grime beat and narrative bassline which will attract you in some mysterious caverns where the magic monsters hide.


Too Smooth Christ – With You In Mind [SGR006]

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