Assembler Code – Mental Escape EP [INTLC002]


Assembler Code is finally flying solo with this 4 track electro assault ‘Mental Escape’. Plugging into the title track ‘Mental Escape’, it’s a rugged machine driven work out through IDM & Industrial landscapes formulated to present his vision of futuristic electro whilst still providing all the nostalgic Rother & Drexcyian nods we all love. Now that the tone has been set, ‘Simulant’ follows suit. Entering the celestial sphere via some haunting sci-fi strings, we’re slapped in the face with slamming percussion followed by a relentless acidic modulated baseline that takes us from one planet to the next at light speed. The Journey wouldn’t be complete with out his old partner in crime Jensen Interceptor coming on board for a ride. ‘Type 2’ is a classic case of past meets present. Scrapyard industrial groove ready to split speakers at your next warehouse party married with a selection of classic Alpha sounds to keep all the purists in check. The thunder continues to the very end. If you’re a tape saturation fiend begging for your next 808 crack hit, prepare to have your back bent in half with euphoria as soon as ‘Hal’s Machine Tool’ is injected into your ears. In short, 4 minutes & 44 seconds of hard nasty robotic electro booty sweat.


Assembler Code – Mental Escape EP [INTLC002]

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