VA – Danzas Electricas Vol. II [MMLP2002]

The ‘metallic’ compilation Danzas Electricas is back for a second volume. Curated by Sacha Mambo, it presents only artists from nowadays and takes distance from the edits to push original and weird electronic music of close artists friends from Dresden, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Lyon and Hamburg. Some of them are already relatives of Macadam Mambo : Konsistent, Wosto, Heninspace, Eva Geist or Sacha himself and it introduces new acts : Ekstern (Nixxon & Spacelex), Service, Houschyard or Sauerstofff to present a good mixture of Kraut, Punk, Industrial tracks, which never fall into dark.


VA – Danzas Electricas Vol. II [MMLP2002]

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