RoXYZ II x Biblioteca Astra (Sibiu) 17.11.2018

19:19 Act I
Dinner x Concert

Again, we open the doors of the Astra Library in Sibiu to create the perfect setting for dinner after sunset. A light dinner where we want to invite the community to enjoy cooked dishes with seasonal ingredients, acoustic concert by Romulus Cipariu from the Sibiu band, Domino, 1717 special cocktails, local wine and Autumn conversations.
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19:19 – Start Eveniment
20:20 – Concert Romulus Cipariu
21:21 Act II
Warm Up

We take music to the library’s halls, enjoy artisanal beer and jazzy, electro and disco rhythms. This time, the bridge between socializing and dinner and the moment of the party itself will be maintained by Hipodrome Selectors.

21:21 – Dance with Hipodrome Selectors
23:23 Act III
The Party (Techno)

We repeat the electrifying experience with visuals that fill the rooms and the sounds that delight the ears. Techo rhythms will make us vibrate, this is what Darai Lama promises, flying directly from Munich to our party, Hipodrome Selectors and the Sibiu duo, Disconnected.

Hipodrome Selectors

Darai Lama

Disconnected (Toygun & Adub)


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RoXYZ II x Biblioteca Astra (Sibiu) 17.11.2018

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