Ligovskoï – Esam [FIELD028]

French duo Ligovskoï are to release Esam, their second artist album and first on Field Records. It features eight expertly crafted tracks that take the listener on a spacey and hypnotic journey towards inner bliss. Formed by Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig in 2010, Ligovskoï once again draw on a sound palette that includes samples, synths, vocals, feedback, guitar and field recordings that merge in a painterly and romantic form of music. It recalls vast landscapes, abstract patterns and poetic movement. The title ‘Esam’ refers to a small, isolated mountain located on the moon, and the album is a journey to a similarly otherworldly landscape absent of human life. It features free improvisations, repetitive patterns and experimental materials that convey a wide range of emotions and styles from weightless shiny atmospheres to dark, heavy and swarming textures, leading the listener to deep contemplation. Esam is a transportive, thoughtful album that takes you deep into a unique musical world.


Ligovskoï – Esam [FIELD028]

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