Exhausted Modern – Happy Hertz Club Banned [RET004]

EXHAUSTED MODERN - Happy Hertz Club Banned

Exhausted Modern part of the Endless Illusion crew from Prague joins Rotterdam Electronix with a 5 tracker ranging from Electro to wave-ish Techno. The EP kicks off with an extended acid injected electro track called ”All Things Are Possible”. Second track ”Transgas” continues this threatment for the A side. The flip has a more darker perspective with flanged hi hats and eerie atmosphere. ”Defenestrace” contains a strange vox going over the track from the beginning, it then quickly gains power by its dubbed out framework. The days of EBM and newbeat comes to mind when we hear ”Straight Folded” which sounds like its recorded straight on a tape in the mid 80’s. Last not least ”Very Fake News” closes things of, with a driving kick-bassline and shattering snares causing pleasure on the dancefloor.


Exhausted Modern – Happy Hertz Club Banned [RET004]

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