Hipodrome presents Joshua Cordova

Joshua Cordova is our next guest in the Hipodrome. He is going to play in Gazette (Cluj) on February 1st and in Faust Cafe und Disko (Sibiu) on February 2nd.

Joshua Cordova is one of Austin’s most respected DJs and part of the booking/managing brand NTH. Joshua is responsible for bringing a breath of fresh air into Austin’s local scene by throwing his parties and booking some of the most interesting deejays of the modern scene, such as Traxx, Mike Servito, Ernestas Sadau, Mick Wills or Interstellar Funk.

He’s a member of groups such as VCK and FUTURE BLONDES, as well as a techno-duo with Katrina Fairlee. Joshua’s sets are eclectic, replete of oddities and undulate between various styles, but they never fail to surprise.

Besides this, Joshua plays improvisational lives, deconstructing unexpected music with the band Maramuresh. Another project is called Ordrhein, which represents an extreme aspects of heavy sounds.

This is the first time Joshua will play in Romania and he will be turning down the lights for us with his signature selections of dark and brooding techno.

facebook / soundcloud / resident advisor

Hipodrome presents Joshua Cordova

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